Directors and Scientific Council:
  • Jana Marko, M.A. Ph. D, Australia
  • Gheorge Soare, M.S., Romania
  • Dr. Peter Muller, USA and Canada
  • Zelko Juric, M.A., Croatia
  • INS. Giovannella Mazzarella, Italy
  • Jara Bayer, M.S., Germany
  • J.B. Tsimbazafy, M.A., Madagascar
  • Dr. Antony Mall, UAE
  • Dr. Gy Panszky, Hungary
  • Dr. S. Bilik, Czech Republic

Also Member of the Scientific Council:

  • Prof. Ciro Discepolo, Italy
  • Prof. Dr. Angelo Golia, Italy
  • Jan Walek, M.A., Poland
  • Prof. Dr. A.P. Dubrov, Russia
  • Prof. Dr. F.K. Velicko, Russia

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