Red Days
Red days on your personal calendar will represent highly fertile days. We will determine which are your highly fertile days. If you do not want to conceive a baby yet, you will want to abstain from sexual intercourse on both the red days and framed red days.

Green Days
In addition to red days, the first cycle of fertile days, is determined for every woman by herself according to occurrence of monthly menstruation. When you receive Dr. Jonas's calendar, your will record this cycle by yourself, with the method that follows:

  • Mark your first day of menstruation by a blue-coloured square into the calendar. A blue horizontal line underlines the last day of menstruation.
  • Then add full fifteen (15) days to the first day of your menstruation and mark this day in green (for example, the menstruation started on 3rd January - the 15th day is the 18th January). This is the traditionally presumed day of ovulation.
  • Starting from this ovulation (green) day, add six (6) days before and six (6) days after this ovulation (green) day.
  • You will get a 13-day ovulation term, which you mark by a green frame.
  • You should avoid sexual intercourse on the days marked in green.

Unmarked Days
All unmarked days (neither red nor green) are days of physiologic sterility, and sexual intercourse during these days should not lead to pregnancy.

Tip: It is our experience that relying solely on the last monthly menstruation (i.e. missing a period of menstruation) is not a good indicator of pregnancy. Sometimes, after conception, you may experience periodic bleeding up to three times! On the other hand, bleeding may be missed without pathologic cause without pregnancy. The only way to know that you are pregnant is through a gynaecological exam. Even if you miss your monthly menstruation, you MUST continue to observe the instructions we give you and avoid intercourse on both red and green days until pregnancy is confirmed.